Government Affairs & Collective Action

Government Affairs & Collective Action



B Corps play a leadership role in fostering shared understanding, solutions, and implementation towards an equitable, inclusive, and regenerative economy, including contribution to the public infrastructure they utilize and rely upon for their success.


Using business as a force for good requires acting beyond one’s own enterprise in order to have a broader systemic impact. While the credibility of these actions is nonetheless rooted in leadership in action within one’s own enterprise, it is also necessary to embrace the role of influencing and supporting collective solutions that address social and environmental topics more broadly and systematically, regardless of the chosen topic to lead on. 

Governments require tax revenue to fund critical services upon which society and business depends. Companies have an obligation to their stakeholders to be diligent in their approach to tax payments.


The company’s value chain and beyond, including policy, industry and business community.


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The company follows a responsible lobbying approach and is transparent about it.


The company takes action with other stakeholders to increase positive collective social and/or environmental impacts at policy, industry, and/or business community levels.


The company demonstrates transparency on their approach to taxation.